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like a soccer PRO

"The training with Lucas leaves you ready to face your matches and training. The workouts perfectly complement football."

(FC Bayern Munich, Spanish National Player)

Transform your stRength, endurance and agility in only 6 weeks time

Lucas Kruel

  • Train with soccer stars Thiago, Rafinha & Douglas Costa
  • Customized training plans for your personal fitness level
  • The optimal minimum: train 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes (in addition to your normal team training)

#TRUSTMYCOACH 6 Weeks online training Program - available for everybody

As a soccer player it is important to be fit - fit for everyday training, fit for the game and above all, fit enough to be able to recover better and faster after heavy loads. No matter which position you play, a game always lasts at least 90 minutes. During this time, you must be able to rely 100% on your body. From the kick-off to the final whistle, it is essential for a professional footballer to constantly be able to perform at his or her maximum ability.

“Lucas has helped me in every way to do even better on the pitch. By training with him I am faster, more agile, have more strength and recover faster. In addition, the workouts also serve to prevent injuries and avoid muscle problems. Honestly, I think this training is fantastic! Anyone who has the chance to do this training should take advantage of it. Everyone has to try it! I trust my coach, Lucas 100%!”

(FC Bayern Munich, Brazilian National Player)

join the Team!

YOUR BenefitS

  • Increased strength, power and endurance
  • Better athletic ability
  • Improvement in mobility and balance
  • Prevention of muscle and joint injury
  • Progression of overall fitness level

With the #TRUSTMYCOACH program, you have the possibility to combine all these components outside of your normal team training and integrate them into short sessions. These extra sessions will fundamentally improve you. You can customize the training to suit your personal needs and preferences. Whether you're a goal keeper and have to control your muscles for perfect reactions at all times or you're the 89th minute striker who sprints alone towards the goal… functional training makes you stronger, faster, more enduring and successful in your position.

Start your training today with the Brazilian athletic coach, Lucas Kruel.

Ola, my name is Lucas Kruel.

I am the personal athletic coach of various professional footballers in the Bundesliga and all over the world. My clients include the superstars such as Douglas Costa, Rafinha and Thiago. I train the football pros in my gym and by WhatsApp or Facetime depending on where they are in the world. And it works! I see a lot of improvements in their game, physical and mental condition and I am proud to be able to contribute a small part to their success.

step by step towards efficiency

The #TRUSTMYCOACH program features functional training that you can do without weights or additional materials. The key to success is to focus on the efficient and effective improvement of each athlete. My workout program consists of 3 different training levels; so beginners and athletes have fun while being physically challenged.

From a portfolio of over 60 individual exercises, I have created your 20-30 minute workout plans to improve you in only 6 weeks. I monitor your progress, give you important nutritional tips and help you understand the training techniques. Step by step you will become better, fitter and reduce pain under my guidance.

My training is holistic and designed for the complex improvement of all your possible physical weaknesses. Every athlete can get more out of it - just like the pros! Everyone can train at their own personal level!

greater success with smarter training

The #TRUSTMYCOACH program means achieving maximum success with minimal but smart efforts. We will be working towards real physical improvement. Don’t get me wrong, we will work really hard together but we will be using our bodies in a smarter way. This is possible because functional workouts train entire muscle groups and use movement sequences that engage your whole body! Efficiency and effectiveness are keys to success! Combining the following body and training areas together into individual weekly workouts result in real improvements and quickly visible results.

Start working with me today to improve your performance!

how #TRUSTMYCOACH improves you


  • Become more agile and create the physical basis for athletic excellence on the football pitch.
  • Become more maneuverable on the pitch - whether you are an offensive player looking for the counter attacks or a defensive footballer dueling every minute of the game.
  • Prevent injuries by increasing your strength with professional mobility training.
  • Improve your body and ball feeling by increasing your mobility.


  • Become stronger in your game and generate greater self-confidence through your well-trained body.
  • Acquire extra strength and a defined body through this effective core training.
  • Make your body less vulnerable to injury and you'll be able to assert yourself easily in 1 against 1 situations.


  • Optimize your speed, acceleration and reaction time.
  • Train your legs for perfect ball control at a high speed.
  • Be one step ahead of your opponents.


  • Be stronger and faster with sturdy arms and solid shoulders.
  • Develop your resilience and toughness against your opponent through this training.

#Trustmycoach Athletes

Douglas Costa

(Juventus Turin, Brazilian National Team Player)

"Lucas is a man whom I blindly trust."


(FC Blau Weiss Linz, Brazilian)

"The workouts are exhausting, but after training I feel great."


(Clube Atlético Paranaense, Brazilian)

"The exercises are important to me because I was hurt recently. The training strengthens me, boosts my self-confidence and gives me the feeling that I can play even better."


(Amateur Football Player, Australian)

"Since I've been training with Lucas on a regular basis, I feel fitter and stronger than ever before. It helps me prevent injury, stabilise my core and improve my mobility."

Leon Fesser

(SC Paderborn 07, German)

"I used to have problems with my knee. Since I started training, I feel safer and stronger on the pitch. Lucas helped me defeat my weaker self. He's not only a trainer, he's also a good friend."

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Over 60 Functional Training Exercises - Infinite and Adaptable 

  • 65 functional training exercises for every fitness level.
  • Detailed exercise instructions in the formats of video, picture series and downloadable PDF.
  • Train your ENTIRE body for real improvements.

complete training plans for every fitness level

  • Get a new training plan, three times a week from your personal trainer, Lucas Kruel.
  • PLUS: Live Workouts with the Football Stars and Boost Workouts!
  • Easy training at home: simply start the video and train with Lucas!
  • All workouts available for download as PDF.

Live Workouts with lucas' athletes

  • Train with the football stars Thiago, Douglas Costa, Rafinha and many other professional athletes.
  • Use these workout videos for live training or as inspiration for your own training plan.
  • Different focal points (core, mobility, speed, strength) to supplement into your regular workouts.
  • Exercise list and instructions for download.
  • Testimonials about the #TRUSTMYCOACH training from the players themselves!

BOOST WORKOUTS & weekly new training sessions

Turn on the turbo whenever you want to train more! Choose one of the Boost Workouts or train in the live stream together with Lucas and his stars. You also have access to the ever-growing exercise library and you can create your own personal workouts.

Bonus 1: nutrition

A No-Brainer: Eating adequately (especially when you are training consistently), contributes significantly to the success of your physical activity. This #TRUSTMYCOACH Guide gives you important information on what to eat to help achieve your athletic and health goals.

Bonus 2: sleep

A secret weapon for many athletes. Adequate sleep can make all the difference. This #TRUSTMYCOACH Guide will show you how to maximize your wellbeing and training results with the right dose of sleep.

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