What Athletes and members have to say about the training:

"Honestly, I think this training is fantastic!"

"Training with #TRUSTMYCOACH has helped me become faster, more agile, more powerful and it has helped me recover faster. Honestly, I think this training is fantastic! Everyone has to try it! I trust my coach, Lucas Kruel 100%!"

Rafinha  //  FC Bayern Munich, Brazilian National Player

"The workouts perfectly complement football."

"The training with Lucas leaves you ready to face your matches and training. The workouts perfectly complement football."

Thiago  //  FC Bayern München, Spanish National Player

Thiago Alcántara

"Lucas is a fantastic virtual coach."

"I have never considered myself to be a very sporty person but I found the #TRUSTMYCOACH program so easy to navigate and all of the exercises were really fun and simple to do. The workouts were perfect for an absolute beginner like me. Lucas is a fantastic virtual coach. Thanks so much to the #TRUSTMYCOACH Team!"

Ellie  //  London, England

"Legs are on fire!!!!"

"Just started Workout 1 in the #TRUSTMYCOACH Intermediate Level! Did all 3 minutes of the Chair! Legs are on fire!!!! But it’s really motivating and feels amazing to move up a fitness level!"

Lucas  //  Munich, Germany

"The workouts are exhausting, but after training i feel great"

Rodnei  //  FC Blau Weiss Linz, Brazil

"I absolutely loved it, it's a really good program!"

"I completed the #TRUSTMYCOACH Intermediate level a few weeks ago. I absolutely loved it, it’s a really good program! Really easy to understand and it was great to do this while I was travelling around the world. As I was travelling, it was really helpful that the program included offline options to do the workouts because at times, I had no internet service. I liked that the workouts were short, sharp and to the point and I noticed a big increase in my fitness and strength overall. I highly recommend it to everyone!"

Ange  //  Melbourne, Australia

"I feel stronger and have more energy."

"I really enjoyed the program! I have never done this kind of training before so once I learned the exercises, I felt the benefits really quickly. My boyfriend and I trained this program together and everything was clear and easy to use. I feel stronger and have more energy. In fact, I started playing handball again because this training inspired me to move everyday! I can’t stop now!"

Jessica  //  Porto Alegre, Brazil

"Lucas is a man whom i blindly trust!"

Douglas Costa  //   Juventus Turin, Brazilian National Team Player

"I Feel fitter and stronger than ever before."

"Since I've been training with Lucas on a regular basis, I feel fitter and stronger than ever before. It helps me prevent injuries, stabilise my core and improve my mobility."

Tilly  //  Amateur Football Player, Australia

"Lucas helped me defeat my weaker self."

"I used to have problems with my knee. Since I started training, I feel safer and stronger on the field. Lucas helped me defeat my weaker self. He's not only a trainer, he's also a good friend."

Leon Fesser  //  SC Paderborn 07, Germany

Lucas Fesser

"I feel more agile, balanced and stronger trhoughout my whole body."

"I just completed the 6 week program with #TRUSTMYCOACH. I loved every minute of it! As I play futsal at a high level, I was looking for training that would help my performance on the court, but not make me too tired or sore. This program was perfect for me! I feel more agile, balanced and stronger throughout my whole body. Can’t wait to start the next step of training!"

Raul  //  Regensburg, Germany

"The training strengthens me."

"The training strengthens me, boosts my self-confidence and gives me the feeling that I can play even better."

Ribamar  //  Clube Atlético Paranaense, Brazil

"I must say that this is the best I ever felt physically."

I have done the Trial Week and now I have done the first week of the #TRUSTMYCOACH Program and I followed the nutrition guides and sleep guides. I must say that this is the best I ever felt physically. Today I played my best game of the season so far and I just wanted to say thanks! I feel so good and can’t wait for what’s coming!

Bijade  //  Torhout, Belgium

"I especially like that each workout engages my whole body."

"Not only is Lucas’ training professional, it’s also super easy to include in my daily life. You can do the 20 minute workouts anytime and anywhere. I especially like that each workout engages my whole body. And with this program it’s not just about quickly gaining muscle mass to look good, it’s about really functionally training your body as a whole which feels great and improves your health. And it’s a lot of fun of course!"

Lea  //  Bamberg, Germany

"I feel more secure in my daily movements and playing football with my team!"

"With the #TRUSTMYCOACH program, I improved my mobility and coordination. I feel more secure in my daily movements and playing football with my team! It is a really well-structured program with a lot of different exercises to learn day by day. I really want to keep improving with Lucas."

Simone  //  Rome, Italy

"A learning experience that will last me for a lifetime."

"#trustmycoach really takes you to the world of athletes, experienced doctors and the #trustmycoach team has worked with care. Photos and videos are delivered with execution and they give details of each exercise. A unique and incredible experience; a learning experience that will last me for a lifetime. Many thanks #trustmycoach"

Alessandro  //  Curitiba, Brazil

"Feels Great!"

"I just finished workout 2. Feels great! Keep up the great work!"

Phillip  //  Graz, Austria

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