The Personal Trainer that Erling Haaland trusts at Home!

Pro-Coach Lucas Kruel

Being on the move is not easy in times of corona crisis and lockdown.
Most international football clubs have stopped training. Gyms are closed. Even the stars should stay at home and avoid contact.


Erling Haaland recently started training with Lucas Kruel.

Douglas Costa has been training with Lucas for years. 

Douglas Costa

David Luiz while training with Lucas.

David Luiz

Lucas Kruel, private athletic coach of football stars such as Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund), Thiago Alcantara (FC Bayern Munich), Douglas Costa (Juventus F.C), David Luis (Arsenal F.C.) and William Troost-Ekong (Udinese Calcio) currently only looks after the fitness of footballers via online methods. Miroslav Klose (U17 coach FC Bayern Munich) has also already registered for the coming days.

However, his tips, workouts and exercises are also valuable for amateur and recreational athletes who want (and should) turn their living rooms into a gym.
After all, exercise and at-home training help to strengthen the immune system, physical and mental health!

We sat down with Lucas and asked him about giving online training to professional athletes during the coronavirus crisis…

TMC: What are you training for right now with the football stars?
Lucas Kruel:
At the moment, the biggest issue for the players is that when they eventually return to their team sessions and games, they may injure themselves because of the lack of training at home during the coronavirus lockdown. So TRUSTMYCOACH focuses on engaging the entire body (all muscle groups, joints etc.) and we involve strength and resistance, as well as a lot of core work into their online trainings. When the players begin the online training, it's difficult for them - they are sometimes shaking during the exercises! But when they will return to their team training and games, they will feel physically and mentally prepared.

TMC: How does your working day look like at the moment?
Lucas Kruel: 
At the moment, I am in lockdown inside my apartment in Connecticut/USA like a lot of other people worldwide. So I wake up at about 6:30 and make my chimarrão (traditional tea from the south of the Brazil). Then I get ready and start work at about 7:30. From then on, I give about 14 Live Online Trainings to professional players from around the world and players from Hartford Athletic (the USL team that I am working with at the moment). In my spare time between the Live Trainings with the elite athletes, I eat, do a little bit of training by myself and do some other work for my business, NOU Performance and my online training program, #TRUSTMYCOACH.

TMC: How are the soccer players psychologically at the moment? Do they have cabin fever yet?
Lucas Kruel: 
The players are all good! They are taking the health recommendations seriously and staying at home. They are getting a little bored but they understand that this moment will pass and things will eventually be back to normal.

Lucas Kruel trains William Trost-Ekong at home via tablet.

Thiago Alcantara doing home workouts.

TMC: Can your exercises also help recreational athletes and amateur athletes?
Lucas Kruel: Absolutely! The training that I give to the elite athletes can be adapted to recreational athletes or amateur athletes as well. With both professional athletes and amateur athletes, we focus on establishing good foundations in our training, and then building up from there. The focus is always on core strength, injury prevention, stability, power, flexibility and mobility. Strengthening these areas will help maintain fitness and health levels… and then improve performances on the pitch, quality of life and general movement.

TMC: How do such exercises look like?
Lucas Kruel:
All exercises require zero equipment and special spaces as we focus on full body weight training to elevate our performance. A large part of my training involves core and ab exercises, joint strength, mobility and coordination, and explosive exercises. I try to focus on efficiency and effectiveness throughout every workout as every exercise engages multiple muscle groups.


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