To get ahead, you gotta get started

Timothy and Lucas first met in Munich when he was playing for Bayern Munich and they immediately became great friends and a support for each other. Although Timothy is a young player at an exciting time in his career, he sees and invests in opportunities to become an even better player. So Timothy began personal training with Lucas as he saw the benefits of functional training on his condition and match performances.

Over the past couple of years, Timothy has played for both Bayern Munich and FC Nuremburg in the Bundesliga. His personal training with Lucas has included a mixture of both personal visits at his home, online training and personal training at Lucas’ training centre in Munich.

Check out the personal training sessions that Lucas gives Timothy to enhance his game!

Before the game preparation

A great workout before game day! Timothy usually does this workout the day or the morning before a match. The goal of a pre-game workout is to increase the mobility, flexibility and range of motion for you to perform fluid movements on the pitch. This workout should not be difficult or work the body too hard - so move slowly and with purpose!

Fast Feet Workout

As a young player, Timothy takes advantage of his pace and quick feet with and without the ball. But this is an area of the game that continually needs training and improvement to maintain your advantage against your opponent! Work on your agility, coordination and quick feet with this workout!

Leg training for balance, power & mobility

Just like the name suggests, we are working our balance, power and mobility. This is a great workout that targets all muscle groups and joints of the legs and forces the athlete to activate their full control and stabilisation. The exercises are a little different but if you do it well, you will feel the benefits on the pitch!