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  • Functional training for every fitness level
  • No previous training knowledge needed - no equipment - no special rooms
  • ​Train with the football pros Thiago Alcantara, Douglas Costa and Rafinha! 
  • Fitter in 6 weeks - train 20-30 minutes, 3+ times per week
  • Train with Lucas Kruel, the personal coach that the stars trust

For the #TRUSTMYCOACH program, you don't need any previous training knowledge, no additional equipment and you can train absolutely anywhere!

“Training with #TRUSTMYCOACH has helped me become faster, more agile, more powerful and it has helped me recover faster. Honestly, I think this training is fantastic! Everyone has to try it! I trust my coach, Lucas Kruel 100%!

(FC Bayern Munich, Brazilian National Player)

What #trustmycoach offers you

#TRUSTMYCOACH gives you the opportunity to improve your physical strength, fitness and general wellbeing. You can customize each training to suit your individual needs - whether that’s adapting the workouts to your football requirements or simply to make your busy life more active. #TRUSTMYCOACH training helps you to combat back pain and strengthen your joints and muscles to prevent injuries. It is also a great option if you are looking to supplement your existing sports program with functional training.

start your personal athletic training today with brazilian coach, lucas kruel. train like the pros at your own level and improve your performance on the field or in daily life. 

what are your goals?


I am the personal coach of Douglas Costa, Rafinha, Thiago and many other professional athletes. I have been responsible for my customer’s full body development through functional workouts for many years and on top of that, I have created a real friendship with most of them. I am looking forward to training with you very soon and I hope you enjoy the training as much as our team does!


Our training is an attitude to life. Our belief is to get the most out of your body in a safe and effective way so you can live a life of high quality! At #TRUSTMYCOACH, we combine successful training methods from all over the world - with the Brazilian zest for life and the German discipline. Join the #TRUSTMYCOACH Family and get to know your body in a completely new way!


My athletic training program consists of three difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Both Beginners and Athletes alike will have fun but physically challenging trainings. I have put together 20-30 minute workouts for you to train several times a week. These workouts have been designed from my growing portfolio of over 60 individual exercises. All workouts are based on the trainings that I do with the professional athletes – so you really can train like the pros at your own level! Don’t worry, no equipment or previous training knowledge is required for the #TRUSTMYCOACH program and with your dedication to our trainings together, you will significantly improve in only 6 weeks! The #TRUSTMYCOACH program is for everyone - whether you want to get faster and more agile in your opponent's penalty area, change up your current fitness program or prevent back problems. The benefits are endless! Start today and feel fitter and stronger than ever before.

Start working with me on your new body and healthy lifestyle today!

"The training with Lucas leaves you ready to face your matches and training. The workouts perfectly complement football."

(FC Bayern Munich, Spanish National Team Player)

"Lucas is a man whom I blindly trust!"

Douglas Costa
(Juventus Turin, Brazilian National Team Player)

"The workouts are exhausting, but after training I feel great."

(FC Blau Weiss Linz, Brazilian)

"The exercises are important to me because I was injured recently. The training strengthens me, boosts my self-confidence and gives me the feeling that I can play even better."

(Clube Atlético Paranaense, Brazilian)

"Since I've been training with Lucas on a regular basis, I feel fitter and stronger than ever before. It helps me prevent injuries, stabilise my core and improve my mobility."

(Amateur Football Player, Australian)

"I used to have problems with my knee. Since I started training, I feel safer and stronger on the field. Lucas helped me defeat my weaker self. He's not only a trainer, he's also a good friend."

Leon Fesser
(SC Paderborn 07, German)

"I think this training is fantastic! Anyone who has the chance to do this training should take advantage of it. Everyone has to try it! I trust my coach Lucas 100%"

(FC Bayern Munich, Brazilian National Player)

what do you want to achieve?

want to train specific football skills?

want to work on your general fitness?

#TRUSTMYCOACH - your new training program


  • 65 functional training exercises for every fitness level. 
  • Detailed exercise instructions in formats of video, image series and downloadable PDF.
  • Train your ENTIRE body for real improvements.


  • Get a new training plan, three times a week from your personal trainer, Lucas Kruel.
  • PLUS: Live Workouts with the Football Stars and Boost Workouts!
  • Easy training at home: simply start the video and train with Lucas!
  • All workouts are available for download as PDF.

live workouts with lucas' football clients

  • Train with the football stars Thiago, Douglas Costa, Rafinha and many other professional athletes
  • Get inspired by the pros and their hard work
  • Exposure to different focal points (Core, Mobility, Speed, Strength) in addition to your regular exercises
  • Exercise list and downloadable instructions

BOOST WORKOUTS & weekly new trainings 

Turn on the turbo whenever you want to train more! Choose one of the Boost Workouts or train in the live stream together with Lucas and his stars. You also have access to the ever-growing exercise library and you can create your own personal workouts.

Bonus 1: nutrition

A No-Brainer: Eating adequately (especially when you are training consistently), contributes significantly to the success of your physical activity. This #TRUSTMYCOACH Guide gives you important information on what to eat to help achieve your athletic and health goals.

Bonus 2: sleep

Sleep is the secret weapon for many athletes! Adequate sleep can make all the difference! This #TRUSTMYCOACH Guide will show you how to maximize your wellbeing and training results with the right dose of sleep.

join the #trustmycoach team and start your new life today!