#1 Superman




Beginner: 30s
Intermediate: 60s
Advanced: 90s 

In this exercise, the aim is to be able to keep your body stable and remain in that one position. You are mainly training your core muscles of your torso.

Firstly, kneel on the ground. Extend your arms downwards with your toes, knees and hands touching the ground.

Now, stretch your right leg straight backwards, keeping it in line with your torso. Note that at this point, you flex your right foot inward as far as possible. At the same time, you are stretching out your left arm at a 90-degree angle so that only the forearm is pointing straight ahead.

Since we are here to ultimately train the torso, pull your shoulders as far back as they will go and open up your chest. When you have found the correct position, keep focused while maintaining a stable position.

After you have done this, do the opposite side.

#1 Superman – TRUSTMYCOACH

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Duration: 12 min

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