#2 Vertical Stretch

Difficulty: ,



Beginner: 45s
Intermediate: 60s
Advanced: 90s 

In the vertical stretch, above everything else, your lower back should become extended or stretched. To do this, you will need to bring your right leg into motion.

For this exercise, you may lie down with your head and back on the ground. You can place your arms laterally away from the body, with a little tension held between your fingertips and the ground.

Now, stretch your right leg straight up, until your right foot is facing the ceiling. Then, flex both feet.

It is important in this Vertical Stretch that you properly create tension in the toes!

Of course, we do not want to neglect the other side of your body. For this reason and to balance your core training exercise, return your right leg to the ground and lift your left leg straight-upwards and flex your left sole to the sky.

#2 Vertical Stretch – TRUSTMYCOACH

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Duration: 12 min

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