SOCCER MOBILITY: Stay light on your feet!

The soccer season can be GRUELLING! Putting in the ground work in training and games, getting hit and dealing with recovery can be really difficult at times. So it is very important to keep moving fluidly, stay flexible and loose and reduce soreness.

Put in the work off the pitch to stay effective on the pitch

Thiago Alcántara

Thiago Alcantara
FC Bayern Munich
Spanish National Team Player

Mobility is a big part of the training that I give to the professional players. At times, they are playing 2 games a week at because of Champions League or finals. These hard games and training can put a toll on their bodies. It's really important to take care, actively recover and remain flexible and fluid for the upcoming games.

Thiago Alcantara is a player who always needs to maintain fluidity in his game. You notice that he always moves with flexibility and smoothness. This is because of the extra mobility training he does during the season.

Mobility training benefits for soccer players

  • Become more agile to dodge opponents
  • Become faster at changing direction and speed
  • Control your body and ball movement
  • Increase your range of motion and fluidity of movement
  • Feel consistently good during a long, hard season
  • Avoid missing games by reducing your risk of injury, soreness and back pain

Functional training to improve mobility

Functional training exercises are super for improving mobility. The mobility based exercises are very low impact, gentle but effective on the body, works your flexibility and coordination and maintains good alignment throughout the body.

Functional dynamic exercises are particularly good for increasing mobility and it can be great during warm-ups and warm-downs. A lot of my clients do these functional mobility training a day before a game or while recovering. 

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Thiago's top mobility exercise: Active Leg Lowering

If you are a soccer player, you will understand how tight and sore our hips and pelvis gets from the hard running, shooting and passing. It's very important to maintain flexibility and light movement in this area to avoid injury and improve your technique and power.

Active Leg Lowering is a great exercise for working and stretching your pelvic area, as well as strengthening your legs and glutes through dynamic and controlled movements. Try this exercise yourself!


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I encourage everyone to incorporate mobility training into your week! It not only benefits players to maintain their good condition throughout the season, it also helps you to live out a life pain-free and strong! Mobility exercises are simple, can be done anywhere and are low impact... so there is no excuse! Let's do it!