Coordination Soccer Training – Control the ball, your body and the game

SOCCER COORDINATION TRAINING - BE UNTOUCHABLE: Control the ball, your body and the game

Coordination and control of your body is super important during a soccer game and training. Lack of coordination means weaker skills, poorer passing techniques, slower change of direction and worse body-on-body performances.


Have you ever had the pleasure to watch Thiago Alcantara play?

Thiago’s COORDINATION is SUBLIME when he deals with the ball. As a midfielder, he takes many small steps to create the best positions for himself and the ball. He uses his arms to balance himself while his legs and feet move in precise directions. He moves the ball around his body with ease while setting up great play from all angles.  

Thiago has always included extra training into his schedule to excel in his performances and remain strong in the centre of the pitch. A large part of his training is coordination based so he can maintain quick feet and decision making on the pitch.

Thiago Alcantara
Soccer Pro

Coordination benefits for soccer players

  • Dominant control of the ball
  • Accurate passes with both feet
  • Faster decision making
  • Stronger balance in body-on-body battles
  • Deceiving dribbling to dodge opponents

Functional training to improve coordination

Functional training increases your coordination because it focuses on ENGAGING your ENTIRE BODY in all exercises (not just focusing on isolated muscle groups). This directly relates to your movements during a soccer game as well. 

For example when you are controlling the ball; you are also dealing with an opponent, maintaining balance, changing direction quickly and deciding your next move. So it's important to engage your WHOLE body and mind when training as well to gain more holistic results.

In ONE functional training exercise, you:

  • Train muscular strength, endurance and power
  • Practice control and balance
  • Work various muscle groups at the same time
  • Focus on making your movements as fluid as possible

... just like you need to do in a soccer game.

Check out my SUPER COORDINATION EXERCISES to take your ball and body control to the next level!


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Thiago's top exercise for coordination: Knee Tuck Classic Plank

The Knee Tuck Classic Plank is a perfect example of a functional training exercise that helps improve coordination. It is primarily a dynamic exercise but involves some static activity as well.

You must keep the trunk of your body still and engaged, while moving your elevated leg and head, flexing your elevated foot, focusing on breath and synchronising your movement. This improves your control, strength, and balance - everything you need when you face an opponent with a bouncing ball.

Check out the tutorial and try it for yourself!


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