#3 Frontal V Hold

Difficulty: ,



Beginner: 45s
Intermediate: 60s
Advanced: 90s 

This core training is one of Lucas’ favorite exercises– so don’t be surprised if at the beginning, it's not so easy to do!

For the frontal V hold, you lay with your back on the ground. In the execution, your back basically should be your only body part to stay in contact with the ground.

Lift your head, arms and legs away from the floor at the same time and flex your toes towards you. Your head remains above the upper body while the insides of your arms and hands are stretched pointing upwards. Your legs are also stretched out in the air.

For the perfect back training, you must tighten your whole body in this position and keep it as stable as possible.

#3 Frontal V Hold – TRUSTMYCOACH

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Duration: 12 min

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