#47 Lying Hip Raises

Difficulty: ,



Beginner: 10x
Intermediate: 15x
Advanced: 20x 

Lying Hip Raises are an easy exercise to get you started in the training of your hamstrings.

To do this exercise, lie flat on the ground. Your head, back and arms should be relaxed on the floor. Only your legs should be bent off the floor. To get the ideal angle, try to imitate Lucas' position in the video - your feet should not be too far away from your back, but should not be too close either.

Once you have found the correct position, you will now tense your thighs by lifting your buttocks off the ground and then upward, as far as your body will allow you. You must squeeze your buttocks. Hold this position briefly and then, lower yourself down again and softly touch the floor with your buttocks. Then, continue with your next repetition.

Try to always make the downward movement slower and increase the speed of the upward movement.