#7 Two Point Classic Plank




Beginner: -
Intermediate: 30s
Advanced: 60s 

With this exercise, we have arrived at the advanced training of core muscles. In this two point classic plank, we want to concentrate on maintaining balance.

To get into the right position, we need to use our hamstrings. Bend your upper body straight down to the ground from a standing position and lean on your hands. Then, walk out in front with your arms and bring your entire body slowly parallel towards ground.

Focus especially on tensing your buttocks and abdominals, as well as the rest of your body. Now, bring your right leg out behind you and your left arm out in front of you, both stretched in the air. Focus on keeping your buttocks in line with the rest of your body and try to make as little movement as possible. Balance is the essence of the two point classic plank. It helps to breathe calmly and stay composed.

If you cannot balance any more, you can support yourself again by resting on both your hands and feet. Still hold the upper body briefly in this position and then slowly walk backwards with your hands until you reach your feet. Then, bring your upper body back up to the standing position.

For a balanced body exercise, we want to once again switch to the other side. Once you’ve brought your body from a standing position to the push-up position again; stretch your left leg and right arm into the air.